It gives us great pleasure to announce that this month, BioBridge K.K. celebrates the 40th anniversary of its founding in December 1983. This notable achievement is only possible with the strong support and involvement of our loyal Japanese clients, our leading international suppliers, and our dedicated, specialist team in Tokyo. We offer our sincere thanks and heartfelt appreciation to all those who have played important roles in this accomplishment and look forward to continued success and deeper collaboration in future.


Currently our services for the pharmaceutical, chemical and agrochemical industries span two related areas.


Comprehensive import services for international pharmaceutical clients.
We import high-value pharmaceutical APIs, including traditional antibiotics, from a leading international supplier.

We operate as an established in-country caretaker (ICC) for international clients. Our services include registration support for new generic APIs, supplier accreditation, meticulous assistance with Drug Master Files and practical help related to GMP conformity inspections. Our relationships with regulatory agencies and detailed understanding of information requirements means your path to market is as efficient as possible. 


Development support for novel pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and biopharmaceuticals

We offer bespoke services to innovative Japanese companies through our selected, specialist contract research organizations. Typical examples include custom synthesis of radiolabeled compounds, ADME studies, metabolism studies (e.g. human mass balance or environmental fate, depending on industry needs) as well as physical and chemical property tests. We seek to match the requirements of our clients to the most appropriate study provider to achieve successful development. We help every step of the way in this process.

We now offer a new service to Japanese biopharmaceutical companies on behalf of a contract development and manufacturing organization with outstanding expertise in this sector. This leading business has a global network of cGMP-compliant facilities offering mammalian cell culture, microbial manufacturing, cell and gene therapy production, plasmid DNA and RNA among other services for the biopharmaceutical industry.


The future

We are confident that BioBridge K.K. will continue to play a key role to support the growth aspirations of both international clients and Japanese companies in future. We have in place a highly experienced team with a detailed understanding of your industry and look forward to continuing to serve you for many years to come.

Thank you for your wholehearted support.


December 2023

Yoshikazu Ohno, Representative Director
Yoshiyuki  Ohno, Representative Director