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Hypha Discovery (U.K.)

Hypha Discovery is a specialist UK-based CRO supporting pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies worldwide through the synthesis, purification and identification of metabolites of drugs and agrochemicals in discovery and development. Hypha also possess a wealth of experience in the production, isolation and characterisation of natural products.

Hypha have developed a comprehensive suite of techniques for provision of all types of metabolites, comprising chemical synthesis, recombinant enzymes such as PolyCYPs, microbial biotransformation, mammalian liver fractions as well as the purification of metabolites from biological matrices.  These techniques provide a high success rate in producing both difficult-to-synthesise Phase I oxidative metabolites as well as glucuronides, sulfates and other conjugates, and can be employed to deliver milligram to gram amounts of pure metabolites.

Hypha are also experts in the structure elucidation of metabolites by NMR spectroscopy.

Hypha have an excellent reputation in the industry and take pride in doing everything possible to achieve successful project outcomes for their clients. The excellent feedback Hypha have received from their clients attest to that.